Musculoskeletal Medicine. 
Publisher: Amer Academy of Orthopaedic (October 1, 2003) ISBN-10: 0892032944 ISBN-13: 978-0892032945

Although no new bones have been discovered since 2003, it is somewhat out of date.  You can buy it on Amazon for about $10.

Or you can wait a bit, and use the free “second edition” that I am editing with Steve Pinney and Christian Veillette (to be published by The Codman Group, a not-for-profit started for this purpose).

This book will be both free and peer-reviewed.


You can download the FOOT section by clicking the icon below

The HAND section is also complete and will be posted online shortly. If you click the icon below, you will get to see how the sausage is made: you will visit the website we used to put this together. Visit at your peril….

Forthcoming in 2019-20 are the following:

  • SPORTS MEDICINE, edited by Fotios Tjoumakaris
  • TUMOR, edited by Pitcher, Tyler and Wustrack
  • SPINE, edited by Bernstein and Hebela

On the docket for 2020 and beyond are these:

  • ARTHRITIS+, edited by Louis Okafor (who is also the cover artist)
  • PEDIATRICS, editor TBD