I have prepared a series of 5 short (< 10 minute) talks for Penn Med students, as part of the introduction to orthopaedic surgery. These talks discuss orthopaedic treatments, with specific emphasis on how they might (or might not) work. I don’t think I said anything overtly wrong, but in less than an hour’s worth of presentation, there is certainly going to be some omission.

For the most part, these “voice over powerpoint” talks should make sense–or at least as much sense as they are going to make–with the audio alone, though there are definitely some inevitable moments when I show an x-ray or clinical photo, and the comments won’t be too informative without seeing the picture.

Also, as is the tradition among university lecturers, I have used some images in my talk that were obtained from that fount of medical knowledge: Google. In some cases, these images were modified, and in all cases only a snippet was used and then only to comment upon it– well within what a reasonable person (eg, I) would call fair use. If you, the originator of an image adapted here, think the use was more than fair, please let me know and I will take down any inadvertent violation of your copyright. Please send an email to me at orthodoc [at] upenn [dot] edu.


Introduction to Orthopaedic Treatments

Download the INTRO video



Download the ARTHRITIS video



Download the FRACTURE video


Soft Tissue Injury

Download the SOFT TISSUE video




Download the ARTHROSCOPY video




Download the DECOMPRESSION video